Google Classroom – Registration

As detailed in the main News post (copied below), we have been asked to keep a daily registration for all pupils. The Google Classroom app can be downloaded to any smart mobile phone and I would suggest this is the easiest way to access this. Your child’s login is: and their password is Noddy111

You can change the password and keep a note of it if you wish. Mrs Laird can reset these easily if it is lost or not accessible.

You need to go into Google Classroom and then answer the question each day to register your child. Please have a go today and let myself or Mrs Laird know if you have any problems. A more detailed guide to Google Classroom can be found in the link below.

Post from News blog:

This week staff have been discussing the best way of recording attendance. Today I had it clarified from Highland Council that we need to keep a daily attendance record. Staff feel that the best way to do this would be for the already set up Google Classrooms for P4-7. These have also been established for P1-3 (please see separate post on P1/2 and P2/3 class blogs for information on accessing these for each child.) A guide to Google Classroom can be found here:

Please can we ask that all children login to their Google Classroom and complete the registration question by 11am daily. A sample question for today has been posted for you to give it a go. If you are having any trouble with this please contact Mrs Laird on


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